About CCI

Our Vision

The Vision of Covenant Consulting Inc is the empowerment of young men and women, adults, couples and business by administering the proper tools that will prepare them for a better future.  This will be accomplished through providing them with self-knowledge, foresight, role models and the tools to maneuver their way in the environment in which they exist.  This information will in turn will not only increase their desire to better their family and environment but give them the necessary means to do so.                        

Our commitment is superior results!

In 2005 CCI began as a simple, powerful idea:

Make a Change. Make a Difference. Make it Real.

Now, ten years later the Covenant Consulting Network has established itself as a company of mentors and inspirational speakers, teachers and career trainers. Minister Karriem Muhammad and his staff have spoken in

  • Simeon Academy, Chicago, IL
  • Chicago Juvenile Delinquent Center
  • Department of Corrections
  • Aunt Martha’s Social Services, Harvey, IL
  • Thornton High School, Dolton, IL
  • Thornridge High School, Roselle, IL
  • Lincoln Academy





He has also spoken at evening reporting centers throughout the city and south suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. As the CEO of Covenant Consulting, Minister Karriem Muhammad is a distinguished inspirational speaker, counselor, and a mentor. He demonstrates his expertise in the field of consultants for businesses, families and our youth.

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