Divorce Counseling

5 Questions to ask before you get a divorce

  1. Is there anything of this marriage that’s worth saving?
  2. Is there anything you can change about yourself to save the marriage?
  3. Do you want your children to suffer from a broken family?
  4. Does staying together outweigh the benefits of leaving?
  5. Do you want to save yourself from financial hardship?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, there is a
high probability we can help you save your marriage.

 5 Ways to get through a divorce

  1. Recognize the ups and downs of a divorce. While going through a divorce and once you are divorced you will have moments when you go from total joy and relief of a stress-filled marriage to total regret that you are divorced. Be patient with your pain and start looking forward to your new way of life.
  1. Communication is everything. One major component of divorce is bad communication. Once divorce, and especially if children are involved, proper communication is important for the children’s sake and for the sake of the both of you to move on. After a divorce is final it’s time to stop being an enemy and work toward being friends for the sake of healing.
  1. Make the rearing of your children the main priority. Once it’s all said and done it is not their fault that the marriage did not work. Not only is it an adjustment period for you, but it’s also an adjustment period for them. Therefore proper co-parenting is essential. Never talk down to their parent. This is the time that unity must be displayed in their presence. Show them how to go through a divorce in the event they must experience the same.
  1. Don’t rebound into a new relationship too soon. It generally takes 15% of the time you were married to start a new relationship. For example: if you were married for 10 years it will take 1.5 years to heal and start a new relationship. 20 years will take 3 years to heal. A wound heals fast when someone else applies a bandage. If done at the proper time, a new relationship can be the best thing to help you recover.
  1. Don’t go through it by yourself. It’s important to have a support team, of family and friends that have your best interest at heart, to help you go through a divorce. Your support team must help you to heal and move on not seek revenge. Pick your support team carefully, a winning team with successful relationships and loving marriages. Not miserable single people.

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