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Karriem Muhammad aka Minister Karriem Muhammad is a member of S.P.A.A. (Speakers, Publishers, and Authors Association) as a Certified Professional Speaker (CP).

Muhammad Family
Muhammad Family

He is a trainer of those who aspire to be paid professional speakers. As the CEO of Covenant Consulting, Karriem Muhammad has over 20 years of experience as a distinguished inspirational, motivational, paid public speaker. He is also a counselor, spiritual adviser, mentor and certified mental health expert. He demonstrates his expertise in the field of consultants for businesses, families, and our youth.

After two failed marriages, Karriem finally got it right and has been married since April 14, 2001. His harmonious marriage, to his wife Kelly, leads him to conduct many male/female relationship seminars and workshops, as well as one-on-one consulting. And, has undergone an intense study of the Science of Manifestation over the last several years. As a professional speaker, what he’s been able to help people and businesses manifest is to reach their potential, achieve their goals and purpose in life, and in doing so he touches the essence of their being.

Though Covenant Consulting is a company that was started by Karriem Muhammad, it has established itself as a company of mentors and professional speakers, teachers, marriage counselors, and career trainers.

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Locations where Karriem Muhammad has spoken: 

  • Simeon Academy
  • Chicago Juvenile Delinquent Center
  • Department of Corrections
  • Aunt Martha’s Social Services – Harvey, IL
  • Thornton High School – Dolton, IL
  • Thornridge High School
  • Lincoln Academy – Roselle, IL
  • Evening Reporting Centers (E.R.C.)
  • And various businesses and organizations