Marriage Counseling

Most people don’t start their relationship with the mental and emotional capacity to have the foresight to maintain a healthy relationship and marriage; this is where the professional consultants come in.

When is it time to consider marriage counseling?    Here are some signs and behaviors you may need help.

6 Signs You Need Marriage Counseling

  1. When you have a communication breakdown. Relationships are built on open communication when communication breaks down so does the relationship. This is where we come in, the professional consultants of CCI. We will help rebuild communication.
  2. When the heat of intimacy turns cold. When intimacy in a marriage is good it counts for 10% of the marriage when it’s bad its 90% of the marriage. Our experts will consult you on how to re-spark the flames in your marriage.
  3. When your once-friend becomes your enemy. When your friend becomes your foe and you realize you’re now sleeping with the enemy it’s time to act immediately. Let our consultants help to bring about peace and harmony.
  4. When never ending challenges causes tension. Every relationship has challenges: finance, romance, rearing children, politics, religion and in-laws. These are natural growing pains for a family but when the family falls out of harmony with one another, the once beautiful sound of your spouse’s voice becomes noise to your ears. Let us help bring back the sound mind to the home before it’s too late.
  5. When you’re sleeping with the enemy “grown apart”. When you have gone from living with the one you love to a stranger living in your home and sleeping in your bed and you live together out of convenience. Allow us to be the adhesive “Glue” that makes the family one again.
  6. When you are on the verge of having an affair. We say in our vows that we will be devoted, however along the way things happen and just as we fall in love we fall out of love and we tend to lose the passion we once had for one another. Let our experts help to reignite the flame and bring the passion back.

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