Mental and Emotional Health

Mental and Emotional Health can be defined as a health condition that changes a person’s mind in their Thinking, feelings, or behavior (or all three) and that gives the person the mental strength to overcome distress, depression, anxiety, and any disorder of the mind. and difficulty in functioning.

We see man as body and soul with spiritual faculties such as intellect and will. These elements of man enable us to empower you to achieve Mental and Emotional Health.

6 Warning Signs when Mental and Emotional Health is being compromised

Some of these signs include

  • Thinking or talking about suicide or harming oneself or others
  • Controlled by anger, hostility, or violent behavior
  • Excessive abuse of alcohol or drugs
  • Noticeable drastic personality change
  • Overwhelmed by problems and daily activities
  • Excessive anxieties and prolonged depression and apathy

If you or one of your loved ones are showing any of these signs seek help from one of our certified Mental and Emotional Health experts immediately.

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