Mentorship Program

8 Step Mentorship Program

  1. Self-Improvement – Participants will be given information through lecture, discussion, videos, field trips, etc. to give them a comprehensive knowledge of their potential.
  1. The Real World – Discussion will center around politics, religion, education, community involvement and how these issues affect the quality of our lives.
  1. The Truth About Gangs – Frank discussion on the history of gangs, their evolution to the way they are today and the bigger picture of the role gangs play in society and our personal lives.
  1. The Truth About Drugs – The discussion will focus on why drugs were created and their impact. Tips will be given on how to avoid drug use and find other avenues for personal growth.
  1. All About the Benjamins – Information on traditional employment, self-employment, opportunities available for schooling, self-esteem, communication skills, etc.
  1. Let’s Talk About Sex – The real purpose of sex. Information on the effects of sex on our mind and how it affects our perception and its role in making proper decisions.  Is having sex the means of showing your manhood?
  1. Decision Making – How to make a good decision. Components needed for informed decision-making.
  1. Preparing For Your Future – What is your vision of the future? How to live and enjoy what is available.

Thank you and I look forward to us working together to better the future of our youth.

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