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Ronald W. Alston, Sr., PhD

Ronald W. Alston, Sr., Ph.D., During the evolution of his years, he has still managed to grow in mind, body, and spirit. His undying dedication to his life and the life of others has transcended his identity with an unbridled deliverance of service to his fellow man, and to his community. This outlook has currently taken root with his involvement through the ‘Reboot 8.0 Urban Technical Training Institute located in the Chicago land area. This assembly of professional black men and women was formed to bring a holistic ideal to learning geared to teach, guide, and implement viable career alternatives for our youth that they so desperately need.

Prior to this endeavor, he was also asked to become an integral part of the ‘Mind Kapital Group,’ also located here in Chicago, whose mission is to ‘dissect the anatomy of your own truth’ through the expansion and understanding of nutrition and spiritual healing. This simply means that the training and awareness that will be made available to youth is getting them to appreciate who they are in their present, and guiding them to a place where they need to be for the future. This progressive advancement is indicative of their personal change, and more importantly, their chosen interest. For this to happen, individual personal assessments have been formulated that ask the questions necessary to insert professional opinions that will advance the learning skills of these youth based on skill aptitude. The component necessary for these selected youths will be their willingness to want and actively pursue a life change.

Dr. Alston was employed by the City of Chicago and worked as a Chicago Police Officer, Assistant Commissioner by the mayor of Chicago in 1992. He worked for the Department of Human Services, the Department of Aviation, and finally the Department of General Services. His career with the city of Chicago afforded him 33 years of uninterrupted service that created for him valued opportunities in management, public relations, and administration at the executive levels. These guided steps eventually became the pathways that he was later able to apply as an educator, lecturer, and published author.

In 2011, Dr. Alston created, and trademarked his own lecturing platform under his logo of ‘My Words, Your Reality.’ From this lecturing method, he reminds his audiences that nothing he says is ‘gospel’ because the lessons can only be learned and appreciated by the listener. If there is something in his delivery that truly touches the heart and soul of someone, it’s now up to them to carry it forth, and hopefully, pass it on.

His driving force began as a Marine in the Armed Forces where this service took him to the battlefield of Vietnam an experience, by way of his autobiography, that he wrote pointedly about. From a proud working career to his active and long-lasting pursuit of academics, Dr. Ron received three post-graduate degrees and settled on specializing in Educational Psychology. He now has become involved with ‘Covenant Consulting Inc.,’ which is yet another consulting firm, youth, and mentoring outreach that focuses on excellence and was founded by his brother-in-law, Karriem Muhammad. This set of ideas on a collective and personal level is the governing pitch to a life of complete fulfillment working from the inside out. For whom the bell tolls will become the answer that you elect to engage upon.

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