Law of Manifestation

Bring Peace to your Relationship

Is defined as the Principles and Methods of action you possess within yourself to bring to reality clear evidence of the mind’s understanding and desires.

Manifesting a Healthy Relationship Workshop

7 Questions that will be answered:

  1. Why can’t I find the right mate?
  2. Is it something wrong with me or wrong with them?
  3. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Must I make sacrifices to find the right mate, if so what?
  5. How do I get my marriage back on track?
  6. Can I save my Marriage?
  7. How do I put the passion back into my relationship?

Get these questions answered and much more on the relationship workshop DVD.

Four steps to getting the Law of Manifestation Working In Your Life

  1. Learn to meditate.

I’m certainly no expert on the subject, but I do know that clearing your mind is vital to success with the Art of Manifestation, Structure your day so you have at least 15 minutes to quiet your thoughts and focus.  I like to do it when I first wake up and right before I fall to sleep at night.

  1. Be patient.

This is not a race – although you may desperately want to change a few things in your life.  Impatience is a stress producer, and the last thing you want is negative obstacles.  The goal here is to attract, not push.

  1. Focus on the end result, not the journey.

Your desires will come, sometimes in a form that you didn’t expect.  So be calm and ready for it when it happens. You will learn more from the journey than the results.

  1. Finally, gratitude for the present attracts results for the future.

Giving gratitude is a vital part of what makes the Law of Manifestation work.  When you express gratitude it tells the universe that you are pleased by these conditions.  It sends a strong signal that attracts more positive experiences to your reality.

The universe has many gifts in store for you.  Take a steady course and set up the conditions that will allow it.  It shouldn’t be “work”.  It should be natural in feeling because it’s a natural law.  This is not an activity that has a definite end in sight. We create realities all the while we are here to experience them.  So you might as well have a blast doing it, right?